Nature Writing in Wales is a PhD research sketchbook. It is a scrapbook of thoughts and impressions, ecological writing, illustrations of place, reviews of authors & recommended reading. It aims to create a repository of information about the local writing scene in Aberystwyth and Machynlleth as well as act as a logbook of local beauty spots.  It should contain everything you must and must not know if you are planning a literary tour of North Wales.

Enjoy a tour around the blog and feel free to contact me with questions and queries.

Author Biography

The author of this blog, Katya Johnson, grew up in North London and read English at Hertford College, Oxford (2007-2010) and History of Art at Edinburgh University (2012). She is now completing her PhD on contemporary nature writing at Aberystwyth University where she has received a scholarship for study.

Katya has been involved in environmental research and blogging for some time. In 2013 she worked for Friends of the Earth’s publishing and media team and made steady headway on her Narrowboat Blog, a diarist’s account of living on the waterways and canals of London. In 2015 she received funding from the EU to volunteer for the Iceland-based environmental charity SEEDS where she worked with volunteers from all around the world. During that period she also orchestrated together her writings on Iceland through the online platform Letters from Iceland.

Now Katya is happily settled in Aberystwyth, Wales where she is undertaking her Creative & Critical Writing PhD and working as a regular contributor to The New Welsh Review. You can find out more about Katya and her work by visiting her website Essays in the Air.


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