I never thought that just blue could be so beautiful, yet it is here. A herringbone sky with clouds the shapes of boomerangs pinging east. Each one is outlined with a band of creamy blue, sometimes patches of celestial powder blue and primrose yellow dusk sky emerge behind the clouds.

Sky poking through – clouds are

Upside-down paddles…

The misty silhouettes of Snowdonian

Mountains on the right hand-side

Embroidering the horizon.

Each element of my view: mountains,

Sky and sea present shields of colour.


The sea is cobalt, and its ripples echo

The flapping wings of passing

Seabirds. The crescent-shaped bay

Of Borth lies before me, beyond it

The magnificent Dyfi estuary.

Today along the coastal path

Between Aberystwyth and Borth I saw:

sea holly, Campion, cornflower (white and blue),

sloe berry bushes, bustling/bouncing bull finches and robins,

ragged robin, bracken,

gorse and bramble, pine trees and stunt oak.


I saw a seal-grey sea.


Little slips of opal pink and iridescent

Blue peep behind clouds.

I saw a lonesome fisher-

Man, eager rod in hand standing at the bay,

Spears of light shining down

In silver brilliance against the



The sky is wiping off the shadows from the hills, scrolling back the

Clouds. I see monolithic slopes.


From here the Cambrian mountains

Are like backs of petrified leviathans, long

Since dead, fissured, humped, &



I should walk down from my coastal-path look-out,

Down towards Borth cliff.


November 2015


One thought on “Walk to Borth from Aberystwyth along the Ceredigion Coastal Path  

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