I’ve been told that an easterly wind is blowing the whole week – hence the good weather.

The sunshine is pouring, fine as silk down upon the outdoor railway platform. All the steel and iron-joistered beams holding up the pavilion are casting striped shadows on the ground.

The train station is very beautiful and even at this early time in the morning it is packed with locals enjoying pints of beer in the Wetherspoons on the station platform. I’ve never been to a railway station that acts as such a local’s hub and meeting point before – perhaps this is because it’s the end of the line. Strange for a town in the heart of Wales, but there it is. It’s one thing I like about Aberystwyth: it feels like a kind of outpost, such as Lerwick or Reykjavik, even though it’s in the centre of Wales.

Swells of engaging, musical voices pour in from all sides; I suppose they are waiting for the 09.30 to Birmingham but they may not be. The ironwork keeps drawing my eye: the clove-shaped motifs fixed in round frames are painted Christmas-tree green and red. The colours of the Welsh dragon.

I’m off to collect my car in Manchester today and have half-an-hour to enjoy my cup of tea.


8th October, 2015


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